My Motive

We all have reasons for doing what we do so it's fair to ask, what's Shirley's reason for running to be Reeve of the RM of Ste. Anne?

I've always felt a bond with the 'underdog.'  It began as a child when I was stigmatized as the kid born to an unwed mother. We were of course called worse than that, because those were the times I grew up in. I also grew up poor as many others have. 

I chose nursing as a profession to help people.  I had a wide-ranging career in nursing from birth to death. Much of my career has been with First Nations people on remote reserves, the poorest people overall in Canada.  My career also led to a positions in senior management including government as well as in research and as an educator.  I care about people. It's been my life. 

There's issues in the RM of Ste. Anne that result in difficulties for people. I also don't see any strategic plans that will ensure that those who come after us will look back and say, someone was looking out for us. 

I'm 72 and in good health. I was widowed after my husband was killed in a plane crash. I have a daughter who lives in Arizona and a son who lives in Toronto and one delightful young grandson who lives in the Atacama Desert of Chile with his mother. My children and grandson mean the world to me. Time spent with them is precious. I don't take the idea of committing 4 years of my life to being a Reeve that will mean spending less time with my family lightly. 

But no matter our age or circumstances, we do what we do because of what motivates us. Right now, I'm motivated to make a contribution to the RM of Ste. Anne as their Reeve if I'm given the privilege to do so. If we all work together we can leave a better future for our children.


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