Looking in the Mirror

This page is about some RM of Ste Anne history as I've experienced it over the decades which may be new to you...

It's important to know where we're coming from to know where we're going....

Ward 2 farmers have had a big role in how some things shaped up in the RM over the decades ----

Why? They were close to Steinbach and rightfully afraid that they'd get pushed out by a fast growing town near them.

When other municipalities were making development plans, the Ward 2 farmers said, "We don't need a development plan. We're an agricultural municipality."  And when natural gas became an option for municipalities in the 70s, Ward 2 farmers lobbied against it because they didn't want the RM to attract more rural residents to their area.

The "We're an agricultural municipality" attitude has carried on in Council even though we now have a municipal development plan. 

This attitude has resulted in low population growth in the RM of Ste Anne between 2012-2016 as compared to our neighbours.

RM of Ste Anne  6%
RM of LaBroquerie 16 %
RM of Hanover  12%

It means the RM of Ste Anne has less $to spend

Recreation & Cultural Services in 2017/total revenue

RM of Ste Anne $15, 000.00 or 0.003%
RM of LaBroquerie  $600,000.00 or 0.07%
RM of Tache over 1 million...


Like other RMs we are a mix of agriculture & rural residents and it's time the RM of Ste Anne reflects it.

Agriculture puts food on our tables while the rural residents pay 77% of the taxes to keep the municipality going.  

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