Loewen Blvd
Loewen Blvd jointly managed by the RM of LaBroquerie and the RM of Ste Anne is usually a mess every spring, summer and fall.  

Stories about how dusty Loewen Blvd is – so dusty that one woman had a wall of plastic put up to keep some dust off her veranda, another woman said she had to bathe her black lab several times a week because he'd be covered with dust.  There's some repairs happening on the road now, that's a shared responsibility by the RM of Ste Anne and LaBroquerie. One man who said he's been told by the Councillor "don't call me, I'm old." asked me, "When will Loewen Blvd get paved?"  I replied, "The Councillor said 'not in his lifetime.'"  I added that might not be long since he's old...

We'll have to see how it ends up this year.



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