The summary 2017 Financial Statement outlines how the RM of Ste Anne has done a good job of running a 'tight ship' financially on a shoestring budget

Two areas stood out when I reviewed the summary 2017 Financial Statement: 1) One councillor had more than twice the compensation of the other councillors and 2) the 'Fire' expenses were a lot higher than that of the RM of LaBroquerie.

So I requested a detailed FINANCIAL AUDIT 2017 from the RM of Ste Anne in these 2 areas:

1) Ward 2 Councillor's compensation is $54000.00 including $9501.00 in expenses (Other Councillors & Reeve receive ~ $20,000.00).  The Ward 2 Councillor in his role as the 'Public Works Chair' is actively managing PW & going to building sites etc to enforce his 'basement restriction' policy.  (The RM also has a PW 'lead hand' whose job description describes as a Public Works 'Manager.)

I requested information on what Ward 2 Councillor's 'activities' are and how he is being compensated etc.  Having the dual role of elected Councillor and PW appears to be a conflict of interest* eg Councillor votes to ban basements and then earns $  from going to building sites to enforce what's essentially his misguided policy; one that depreciates the value of homes by 10%.  As well, if a ratepayer isn't satisfied with the roads etc & wants to make a complaint to the Councillor about PW – the two are the same. (The RM currently does not have Conflict of Interest Guidelines which is likely why the Councillor ended up with conflicting roles.)

2) 'FIRE' Category in detail. A lump sum is provided in the financial statement for $283,000.00. It is a high number compared to the larger neighbouring RM of LaBroquerie with more residents ($170,000.00). 

I first requested a breakdown of the $283, 000.00 as to how it was spent on August 17. I also requested the breakdown of the RM of LaBroquerie's  FIRE expenses for comparison and received it within hours for 5 years. (RM of LaBroquerie fire expenses never went beyond $200,000.00 in any of the five years.) 

I received the requested documents from the RM of Ste Anne CAO on Sept 18 & will review and update the website info above.

The RM of Ste Anne financial coffers doesn't have a lot of room for increase unless more money comes in via property taxes by increasing residential growth in areas that doesn't restrict agriculture.  One area that has good potential for a large property tax influx is Quarry Oaks Golf Course if condos were located there as was the plan in 2011, and at other golf courses in the RM where it may be feasible.  



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